Sunday, December 6, 2009

Progressive Dinner

What a great night we had visiting homes, eating food and enjoying one another's company! We rotated through Celeste Pearson's, Lynda Hjelm's and Dani Dooley's homes and then all met together at Christy Luellen's home. Thank you sisters for opening your homes! And thank you to the following sisters who prepared the food: Jerilynn Fischer, Molly Rogers, Kolo Houghton, Kami Wilson, Bobbie Castro and the many sisters who brought desserts.

Merry Christmas!
Beth McNaughton, Jeri Johnson, Kathy Reid, Peggy Walsh

Jackie Brown, Zo Rogers, Kathy Warczak, Jodi Hjelm

Ilene Johnson, Carol Ann Pludums

Bobbie Castro and Tessa Ross

Gloria Page and Mary McGiffen

Sheila Illig and Irene Coco with Love Barenaba in the background

Sue Johnson (background), Beth McNaughton, Kathy Reid, Jill Watson (background), Peggy Walsh, Tessa Ross (background), Tracy (background), Patty Wade, Charlene Nelson, Janice Hawkes, Sheena Staples

Mary McGiffen, Pam Lawrenson, Delilah Badger

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