Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was a MAD night!

We really enjoyed the evening of our Mad Hatter's Tea Party. It was a fabulous night thanks to all the sisters that came out. Everyone brought their greatest, most creative and craziest hat to the event that just completed the night in Wonderland! We started the night off with a mixer game, trying to find one person with a birthday for every month of the year. Then we moved off into our wonderland tea party where we enjoyed food, crafts, a game of Relief Society Jeopardy, and a wonderful, inspiring message from Geneva Smith. All in all it was an amazing night!
Our Amazing kitchen help, Moncia and Sandy Behm! And others who helped pull off the night, Tessa Ross, Irene Coco, Dani Dooley.
Just some of the fun, crazy hats of the evening!

Enjoying the Meal. Gloria Grow, Paula Grow, Erin Grow, Deb Bennett, Lisa Tomlinson, Jennifer Farley.

I will admit, there are too many to name. But they are enjoying themselves!

Relief Society Jeopardy

Delilah Badger, Andrea Mathison, Larissa Smith, Sasha Mathison

Kelly Darrell, Laurel McGiffin, Bobbie Castro
Thanks again to all who came out to play! We hope to see you all in June for our next marvelous enrichment!

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